Survivors + Supporters

Embroidery by Shannon Downey  Photo Provided Courtesy of Shannon Downey /  @badasscrossstitch

Embroidery by Shannon Downey

Photo Provided Courtesy of Shannon Downey / @badasscrossstitch


We support Dr. Ford because…

“I donate because I am her. I've been assaulted, I've been raped. I was raped by a chief who was my supervisor while in the Navy. I never told. I won't be silent anymore.”


“In support of the courage and quiet determination of Anita Hill and Christine Ford. Thank you for building a better future for our daughters by speaking out.”

“Because I believed Anita Hill then and I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford now. It is time that men are held accountable for the damage they inflict. #metoo”

“In the 60s as I entered adulthood and a career, aggressive male conduct was expected, yet still horrible and emotionally scarring. I honor Dr. Ford, who had nothing to GAIN here, for coming forward.”

“I donated because I believe Dr. Blasey-Ford and want to support her and other women who have similar experiences. This disparity in credibility and the fear that women have suffered from these experiences needs to be put front and center for the whole world to see and remedy.”

“I believe Dr. Ford. Each and every person who has experienced similar dehumanizing trauma, has the right to come forward, be heard and be believed.”

“I am a survivor of sexual abuse and I believe Dr Ford”

“I as well as 4 of my cousins were sexually assaulted by my uncle/their father. I was eight years old. No one believed us.”

“In the name of my four daughters and my wonderful wife. I recently discovered that this horrible thing has happened to some of them....many years ago. This guy should not be on the supreme court until he is thoroughly vetted by the FBI....not congressional staff, who all have an agenda. Let the pros handle this and we'll find out who is telling the truth. I believe her. But they both (and all of us) deserve a complete, professional, unbiased investigation. Why doesn't Kavanaugh agree to that? Why don't the Republicans agree to that? Remember this hearing when it comes time to vote!”

“I am an 82yr old women who suffered repeated rape at age 5 from a 12 yr old neighbor boy and my parents died never knowing about it!”

“I donated because I believe her account. She was articulate and credible. God bless her for courage to do her civic duty for our country.”

“My name is Debbie Swift and I donated again because I’m a survivor and I want others to know they aren’t alone! Please use my name, let’s get a 2nd ad in The NY Times!”

“Nobody believed me...nobody but my fellow survivors. I believe You, Dr.Ford, and right now you are fighting for every single one of us who was afraid to come forward. We are behind you. We believe you.”

“I want to support women of molestation and assault, including myself. I want the darkness of male assaulters brought to light.”

“I was sexually harassed and assaulted as a child, teenager and young adult..It effected me until I sought out therapy..but has over shadowed me the throughout of my life...I'm now 75 years old....”

“It's been over 50 years, and I still keep quiet. I applaud those brave enough to speak out and face doubt and ridicule.”

“I believe Dr. Blasey Ford. I have no doubt my boss who sexually harassed me when I was 17 has no recollection of me or what he did. I don't recall his name but I can still his face, what he did and said, and the photo of his two little girls he kept on his desk. Due to his constant harassment I had to quit a job I desperately needed to raise money for college.”

“Women can change the world!”

“I was a hiring manager at a national bank and interviewed dozens of candidates for jobs. Prior to that I was a middle school teacher. I have been a mother for 44 years and a grand-mother for 17 years. I have testified in court. As a retiree, I tutor children with challenged life-styles. I had a similar experience as Dr. Christine-Blasey-Ford as a college student. I was too embarrassed to talk about it; I was afraid that my father would shoot the guy and be sent to prison. So I never spoke about it. I remember his name, the place, the details, what I was wearing in vivid details. He was inebriated at the time and may not recall the incident. Were he to be a candidate for the highest public court in the land, I would do the same thing that Dr. Christine-Blasey-Ford did. I believe her. Watching Brett Kavanaugh testify told me all I needed to know. He was not being truthful about his lifestyle as a teenager at the prep school. Shakespeare said it best: "Methinks thou dost protest too much.”

“Dr. Blasey Ford, we believe you and we have your back.”

“I completely believed Dr. Anita Hill re her accusations against Clarence Thomas long ago, yet watched helplessly as he became a Supreme Court Justice! It is inconceivable this could happen yet again.”

“People only disclose if they are believed when they come forward. As an advocate & a parent, I believe we must treat survivors and educate kids better.”

“I was sexually assaulted at age 6 by a 17 year old. Family wanted to keep it quiet, so nothing happened to him. Predators should not be protected. Victims should not be silenced. Be heard on November 6th.”

“I believe Anita Hill-I believe the three brave women that have come forward, and I believe there are many more victims.”

Nobody believed me...nobody but my fellow survivors. I believe You, Dr.Ford, and right now you are fighting for every single one of us who was afraid to come forward. We are behind you. We believe you.

“I believe and support Dr. Anita Hill, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and all who speak truth to power. I also stand with and as one of the countless survivors who weren't able to report for whatever reason.”

“It happened to me too. The college let him stay on his varsity team and be an RA the next year. The asked me about my previous sexual experience.”

“I donated Because I am STILL disgusted by the Anita Hill thing.”

“I want to help her any way I can. Her bravery is inspiring and those who rant about "not remembering" need to study the effects of trauma on the brain.”

“Dr. Ford is showing enormous courage by stepping up and bringing the horrible experience she suffered to light. We need to step up by supporting her. Our collective voice will hopefully embolden more women victims to come forward knowing that there is a community of caring women who will be there for them.”